We are a family owned business

At Chinook Billings Window & Door we take pride in providing high quality windows to our friends, family and neighbors in our local community and beyond.

Chinook Windows, located Great Falls, Montana, is Montana's Only Window Manufacturer. Established in 1996 by Tim McIntosh and Rick Carnahan, Chinook Windows are designed specifically for Montana's harshest climate. 

When customers choose us, they get the opportunity to deal directly with the manufacturer. We will never pressure you into signing a contract that day or any day, and we urge our customers to compare our performance ratings with other top brands. Customers will be pleased from the beginning of the project all the way through to the end.

JASON CARNAHAN, Owner & Sales Manager: Jason manages all aspects of sales, ordering and installation.

Jason is no stranger to the window industry, having spent the last 26 years purchasing and installing Chinook Windows for his own properties and those of friends and family.

Jason was born and raised in Great Falls, Montana. He joined the Montana Air National Guard and served for 8 years as a Firefighter. Jason raised two children that he is very proud of and his oldest is now a member of the Montana Army National Guard.

Prior to starting the window business, Jason spent 20 years in Life Safety in the Civil Service. He worked for a diverse range of organizations, including the Department of Defense as a Firefighter/Realty Specialist, Bureau of Reclamation as a Realty Specialist/Safety Specialist, and retired from Bureau of Land Management as the State Safety Manager.

MICHELLE CARNAHAN, Owner & Marketing Manager: Michelle manages all aspects of marketing.

Michelle was born and raised in Billings and attended Montana State University-Billings where she earned a bachelor's degree in both Elementary Education and Special Education. After college, Michelle poured her heart and soul into teaching first grade at Lockwood Elementary for 5 years. Michelle left her job teaching to stay home and raise three wonderful children, now all school aged. 

Currently Michelle works fulltime as a legal assistant.